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Dr. Bruce Bauersfeld, DVM


Does your puppy chew and bite - Uncontrollably?

  • Does your puppy come when called?

  • Does he trip you when you walk?

  • Are you embarrassed to have your friends over for coffee?

  • Does he pee willy-nilly throughout the house?

  • Are you frustrated with the confusing information on the internet?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions you're in the right place.


Hey, It's me, Dr. B...


Can I ask you a question?


Do you have a little terror right now that’s all over the place? It chews everything,  it's eating unhealthy things and it's gonna electrocute itself! 


Is that where you're at right now? This little terror is running around your house. He was really cute at the breeder’s. He was an amazing fluffy ball of fur when you brought him home, and six hours later, it turned into this 








Everything you've tried doesn't seem to work.



The kids are getting bit. Your Band-Aid supply is exhausted. You’re embarrassed to have your BF over for coffee. The pup trips you continually when you walk. And you're sick and tired of cleaning up pee and poop.


Your friends have given you advice. 

The internet has advice --- but nothing seems to work.


Friend, I feel your pain!


Because I've been there myself - hundreds of times.


You see, my wife and I breed,  train, and love Bernese Mountain dogs. Several hundred puppies have run between my legs with the idea of taking control and chewing everything. 

Over decades thousands of my veterinary clients have struggled with the same problems as yours. 


The good news is…

I've helped puppy parents just like you, hundreds, thousands of times.  Using a system I’ve developed and refined.

It’s a really simple system for taking your little monster and turning it into an amazing, adorable pee-free, fun, safe, healthy, smart pet that all of your pet parent friends are gonna be jealous of.


How does that sound?


If that sounds good, first, let me tell you the results of working with me personally:

First and foremost, you will know what to do next and when to do it, and gain the confidence to follow through. Your pup will come when called and you can walk him without fear of injury or embarrassment. Your dream of a well-socialized companion with whom you can develop a loving lasting relationship becomes a reality.


Pupster only pees outside on the grass at appointed times and on command. He stays away from the couch, doesn’t chew socks, and is an amazing, wonderful pet.


But that's not all...


This is not simply another puppy training course.

But a comprehensive holistic program that addresses every aspect of what your puppy needs to be the healthy, long-lived companion, you’ve dreamed of.


This holistic program is built on the five pillars of care that  I have determined every puppy needs and deserves. It is filled with over 35 years of experience not only from my veterinary practice but also from breeding, training, and loving Bernese Mt. Dogs.


I want to extend the same level of care I provide for my own four-footed family to yours. Thus, this program will incorporate these five pillars of puppy care: health, safety, good manners, future planning, and cleanliness.


Incorporating all five pillars into your pup’s education is the proven way for him to live a long, pain-free life and for you to live happily, worry-free, and pee-free  … forever. 


So, this is how I envision the immediate future for both you and your pup.


Each week at a convenient time, we will meet virtually for about an hour where I workshop important behavior and health topics critical to you and your pup's development. I share professional advice that I've gained over the course of the last 35 years working with thousands and thousands of pups. 

Join the discussions. Ask all your questions. Gain insight into Pupster's behavior.


In addition, as a thank you, I have  a special gift for you: 

You will have immediate access to

my pre-recorded Puppy Immersion  Course:


"Puppy Parenting 101"


The video lessons in this course are foundational

and will be the basis for communication, training, and learning at both ends of the leash.


The live weekly lessons/workshops will supplement your training and establish the framework for you and your pup to develop good manners and healthy habits and grow together.



All lessons are recorded and assessable in the. Club's library.

There you can review lessons for further study, or watch any lessons you missed.



So... easy-to-digest lessons, with clear short messages to keep you and pupster on track - making progress.


Simple, Easy, Doable!  - It Works!


Now you are probably wondering what this is going to cost…

Well, what's it worth to you to turn your new puppy into an amazing well-behaved family member as quickly as possible.  So the truth of the matter is, it's actually priceless - as you've already discovered. Especially if the little pupster is already chewing up the furniture you bought last year. Especially if he's chewing up your wife's or your husband's new shoes. Especially if he's peeing on the new carpet. 


But money aside, it's actually an amazing, thrilling feeling when people walk by you on the street and congratulate you on such an amazing calm, peaceful dog. And the truth of the matter is that experience is priceless. However, in the real world, there is an investment cost that comes with having a well-behaved puppy that your neighbors are envious of and doesn't terrorize your house.


In my practice, if I were to work with you personally, one-on-one, I charge $240 an hour, and what we're covering in this program typically would take about two hours a week for six to eight weeks, so it'd be about $4,000 if you hired me personally.


Of course, there are other options. Pet trainers who aren't skilled veterinarians tend to charge much less, it's about $80 - $120 a session. For six to eight weeks, you'd be out about $1,500 to $2,000. Also, if you invested in someone to come over, you'd have to schedule the right times, make sure you got along with that person, hope you trust them, and hope the pup likes them.


Now, because you will be a founding participant and we'll be recording all lessons for my future use, rather than the full value of $1,500 to $4,000...


I have decided to offer new members access to the weekly program

and include the pre-recorded "Puppy Parenting 101" course as my gift to you.

All for an investment of just $97/month. 


Stay, learn, and progress - at your own pace!  Cancel any time. -- your option!


⇒  Click Here To Enroll




If, right now, you have a little terror that’s all over the place and chews everything, and it's eating unhealthy things and it's gonna electrocute himself... 


And if you want a clean dog, that's a fun dog, that's a safe dog, that's a healthy dog, that's a smart dog….

Then this program is perfect for you.


Enroll today so that you and your pup can start benefitting - right away!

⇒  Click Here To Enroll ⇐  


“I promise this will be an amazing journey that will set you and your pup on the right path to becoming a clean dog that's a fun dog that's a safe dog that's a healthy dog that’s a smart dog... and the world’s best companion”- Dr. B



So, if you're still reading this I assume you're still not sure.  Please don't wait - your puppy needs this program now! If you know me, I only want to do what’s best for your pup and I want you to be 100% satisfied. So kick the tires for 2 weeks and if you find that this program isn't for you, just shoot me an email and we'll refund your full first-month fee - no questions asked!


I want this to be a no-brainer so that I can put both you and your puppy on the track to success!   


P.S.  Perhaps you're wondering if it's worth $97 monthly? Let me ask you this:

How would it feel… have coffee with friends without fear of embarrassment?

Can you envision your house back in order and peace in your life?


What would it be worth to have the world’s best pee-free companion - that you’ve dreamed of - at your side?

This investment, both of your money and your time will be priceless to you and your family in the life of your puppy. 


Ready to enroll, The Price is ⇒ Still Just $97 / mo ⇐



Start your puppy on the right track with Puppy Parents Prosper.\

For less than $25 a week you will have access to a California Licensed, USDA/APHIS Accredited, Veterinarian with whom you can discuss any problem, ask any question, and receive personalized advice... 


And there is no long-term obligation. You may cancel at any time.


P.P.S.  If you have any questions at all, please call or email me.


DrB at

Dr. B….