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It’s me. — Dr. B (Bruce Bauersfeld, D.V.M.)

Are you frustrated when you search the internet for answers only to find

Information - that does not apply.
Information -that might be good, but you don't know if it is 10 years old and out of date.
Information - but you don't know if it applies to you.
Information - but you don't know if it is even SAFE for your pet.
If so…
You are in the right place!



Here at Dr. B’s Pet Club — I help extraordinary pet owners, like you...
Overcome your fears as you care for your beloved pet - day in and day out.

Are you worried about any aspect of your pet’s health?
Are you afraid you don't have all the right answers?
Are you uncertain about your next safe and effective step?


If so:

I invite you to become a Pet Club Member.

Together we will keep your BFF healthy, and give him a long pain-free life so that your devoted best friend and companion is with you forever.

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